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About us

Thank you for visiting our website and for checking out New Day Labradors!  We have been breeding Labrador Retrievers since 2012 and take great pride in our dogs.


When relocating from a city neighborhood in the Bay Area to 14 acres in Calaveras County we were able to expand the space and play area for our dogs.

Like so many people, we have always loved Labrador Retrievers and raised our 3 daughters with a yellow lab, Rex. He was a joy to each family member and the neighborhood and in a few short years, 3 neighbors also had Labrador Retrievers. A few years after loosing Rex at age 13 1/2, we adopted our beautiful black lab Sierra. A big bouncy bundle of energy found her way into our hearts and swimming pool.

Because we love the breed and our dogs, we are a conscientious breeder concerned not only with the physical, emotional and mental disposition of our puppies but all of their attributes as well.  We breed an easy-going temperament and match the puppies to the right family for them.  Whether hunting, field work, an athletic active family, working dog for assistance or a lazy couch potato we will match the right puppy to you, your family and your life.


All of our dogs live in our house with us, work alongside us on our property, hang out wherever we are and love to go to town for shopping or lunch. In the evening we all relax together in the great room.

All of our breeding dogs are AKC registered, tested for diseases of the eyes, hips, elbows, EIC (Exercise Induced Collapse) and are certified by the Orthopedic Foundation of Animals to be clear of genetic issues. We read and study pedigrees and match male to female before breeding to ensure the healthiest and strongest puppies are born.

Our girls (the Mom's) whelp their puppies in our kitchen so we can observe and help if necessary. The first 4 weeks of the puppy's lives are spent in the whelping box in the kitchen area with their mom. At 3 days old, the dewclaws are removed. When weaned at about 4 weeks old, we move the puppies from the kitchen to their own "Puppy Room" complete with a heated floor and doggy door leading to an enclosed patio with potty area where they learn to go outside to play and potty. This is where house training, crate training and doggy door training begins.


We encourage you to check out our site and welcome an email, text or phone introduction from you. Please bookmark our page and come back often for additional information as we update our site with helpful information, photos and current puppy updates.

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