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Available Adult Dogs

Sometimes as breeders, plans don't work out the way we hoped and we are unable to keep a dog we planned to join our breeding program which can be heartbreaking and difficult. In an effort to love our dog family member, we may re-home a beloved companion to ensure they are in the best environment to meet their needs and fill their love tank and a Labrador Love Tank is BIG!


Available adult dogs are trained to be family members in our home with a lot of time, energy, effort and love poured into each one. When we have to make a decision to let them go to another home, it is gut wrenching and can take way too long! They are family and they are loved.

This is a decision that is not taken lightly or made easily.

Introducing the Bro's

Maximus and Sparticus 

Born March 2021

80 & 85 lbs of love each!

Connected at the hip, best buds and wrestling partners. Welcomed by our family at 8 weeks old to join our breeding dog family.  

Maximus & Sparticus are gentle souls, sweet, loving and obedient. They do everything together and at the same time. One looking out for the other one all of the time. House trained (of course), crate trained, AKC registered, DNA tested, Neutered at 14 months old, Mom Trained and loved. They love water play and running together. It's hard to let them go, they are so PERFECT but are unable to breed so as difficult as it is, I would like to re-home them together.  If you would like more information about them, please email me to set a time for a chat or visit. 

Re-homing Fee: $3,000 together

Max & Spart.JPG

Maximus & Sparticus

Max and Spart 2.JPG
hasan-almasi-nKNm_75lH4g-unsplash Copy.j

Introducing Sister Joy
Born 10-21-2020


Ellen & Jeff who have welcomed Joy into their home and hearts!

We are so happy you found and love our girl!

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