Our Girls

All of our Labrador retrievers are screened and registered with the Orthopedic Foundation For Animals for Hip Evaluation, Elbow Evaluation, Ophthalmologist Evaluation and EIC DNA Test.  


We use EmbarkVet DNA screening on all of our breeding dogs to ensure only

strong healthy dogs are bred to produce healthy, beautiful puppies!

Introducing our new girl  "Everly" 

Everly will be joining our breeding program in Spring of 2021.  Turning 2 years old on May 22, 2021 she will have additional health screening done after her birthday.  Everly is daughter of our girl Zoey and Big Daddy Ovie.

Everly has her Daddy's big dark eyes, a light cream color coat and a wiggle in her walk. Her tail wags her body and could be used as a weapon. If we could teach her to dust the furniture with the tail, she would get it done in a breeze and make MaMa happy!  She loves humans and dogs alike. 

We are planning for a Spring litter with the stud to be determined.


Everly's DNA is clear.  Additional testing results TBD.

Introducing our new girl  "Alex" 

Alex will be joining our breeding program very soon.  Turning 2 years old on May 14, 2021 and will have additional health screening done after her birthday.  Alex is daughter of Willow & Ovie and granddaughter of Zoey Sunshine (listed below).

Alex has a light cream color & silky smooth coat, she LOVES one on one time with her family and is assertive in the dog pack yet very submissive to her human pack.  She loves melting on your feet and expresses her love through gentle eye contact like her MaMa Willow.

We are planning for a late Winter or Spring litter with the stud to be determined.


Puppies will be 4th generation New Day Labradors.

Lovable & mellow, quiet and calm. Loves one-on-one time to “talk” about life. 
To view Zoey's Pedigree 
Like her mom, Sierra, a bouncy bundle of joy! Always listening, watching & waiting, eager and willing to do anything!
To view Skye's Pedigree 
Gentle & loving, easy going, eager to play and learn. A very gentle "Lap Dog" and wonderful Mother to her pups!
To view Willow's Pedigree
Sweet and mellow, attentive and fun! Loves long walks with her head at your finger tips. Always loving and caring. Daughter of Skye & Leonidas and our Princess Izabella. 

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