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Training & Services

We are pleased to offer extended training and boarding for your puppy!

Not all of our schedules work easily together. 

If you find you are unable to pick up your puppy at 8 weeks old,

we will gladly board & train your puppy until you

are available for a nominal fee.

   Our puppy training includes:

·         Crate training - sleeping all night in their individual crate with no issues

·         Potty training - use the doggy door or ask to go outside to eliminate

Basic Manners includes:

Off - when/if he jumps up on you or the furniture

No biting or chewing on people, clothing or furniture

·         Basic obedience training includes the following commands:




Down - Lay Down

Leave It

Up - on 4 feet

Heel - walk on lead beside you on the left

Loose leash heel

Long lead "Come"


·         Tie station training - lay calmly and quietly at your feet 

We also teach your puppy to "Stay" inside the open front door and wait for you to go through the door first and follow your command to "Come" or "Heel".  This training is to teach your dog to not dart out the front door when it is open.  We also teach your puppy to sit and wait at the back door until invited in through the door.  

Socialization:  Your puppy will have daily controlled socialization time with our adult dogs to ensure he/she knows how to behave around other dogs.  We will also socialize your puppy with family, friends, visitors and staff daily.

·         Basic immunizations included – up to age 16 weeks excluding Rabies


                                  **Veterinary expenses are not included in boarding*

Contact Jeannine for additional training information


Zoey & Skye

age 4 months

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