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What to buy & have ready before bringing your puppy to their new forever home:

42" or 48 " Crate with divider 

Food & water dish

Mendota lead

Nyla bone toys

Food - talk with mom and dad


Natures Miracle

Doggy door

House Training Tip:  If he or she begins to eliminate in the house, you must stop the act, say a firm "No" and rush the puppy to the designated area.  Let her complete the elimination and give her praise.  

Socialization Tip:  Although your puppy cannot be in public space on the ground until after completing all of the vaccines at 16 weeks, you can schedule puppy play dates in your yard with friends or family members who also have a dog or puppy.  Just be sure your puppy is safe from possible aggression of other dogs.  It is recommended to introduce your puppy to 100 people as quickly as you can.  This could be taking her in a shopping cart at the hardware store or to your office if you can carry her in.

Training your puppy will take a lot of training and patience.  It takes 80% praise and 20% correction and redirection to raise an obedient dog.  This process will keep you busy for the first two years of her life.  Enjoy this time with her as she experiences life and new things around her.

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