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Started Puppies

Call us today for information on our Started Puppy Program 

and to schedule a visit!

Ok, so what is a Started Puppy? Well, we are glad you asked!

When a puppy has his 8 week old birthday, he is eager and ready to be obedience trained and learn some good manners.  Up to this point, he has been growing, learning about life and wrestling with his litter mates.  He already knows how to use a doggy door and relieve himself outside, but he needs much more!  If a puppy has not been selected by his new family at 8 weeks, we begin his training and manners in our Started Puppy Program while we wait for you to find him or her.  

We know the right family always finds us with their puppy at just the right time for the family and the puppy.  It's amazing and a blessing how that all works out so perfectly. 
Our Started Puppy Program usually has 3 new pups a couple times a year and they are always selected and in their new homes within a few short weeks.  So, if you prefer a Started Puppy so you don't have to handle all of the initial training and ankle biting, we are happy to train your selected puppy  for you beginning at 8 weeks old.  Just ask for more information on our training program or see our Training & Services page.

Meet Our Started Puppies

"Jack" is very gentle, mellow, intelligent, well mannered and friendly. Jack will be your lazy couch potato when needed, an athletic trail walking partner, a needed service dog or just a member of the family. He has a dark golden yellow coat with dark black nose and facial features, a very handsome fellow. At 11 weeks old, Jack has started his obedience training and completes the commands with ease. He is the calmest of these pups, a very quiet observer waiting for the right moment to pounce into the fun with his siblings. He is just perfect, don't miss the opportunity to bring this wonderful puppy into your family. 

"Rosey" is a sweet and smaller sister to these boys but lets her brother's know when enough is enough. She's confident and courageous, anxious to obey commands, loves attention and is readily waiting to spread puppy love throughout the world. Need a hiking companion? Rosey is your girl with athletic and agile qualities. Need a snuggle? Rosey can't wait to love you, your friends and family.

"Willy" with his light yellow coat and dark puppy eyes, who could possibly say "no" to this boy. Willy is intelligent, gentle, loving, a quick learner and is anxious to obey and play. He loves to cuddle, play in the water and pounce on his siblings and play mates human and  canine. Willy is an excellent choice for an outdoor companion, home-body or a devoted service dog. 


Congratulations to the Stelling Family and  "Bruno"

Bruno is a happy boy and living his best life! 


Belle 5 months old.jpg

Congrats to Cheryl Mc C. for bringing Belle into your family! What a lucky girl! 

Belle is 6 months old from Alex & Leonidas born November 18, 2022 and available to add to your family this weekend. She loves to play with other dogs, explore new areas of this big world, make friends and cuddle.

Congrats to Jordan B
for bringing Pete into your home!


Pete 5.JPG

Buck is now "Bear" in his new
Furever Home
Congrats to the Sandoval Family! 

Jackson 8-12-19 1.JPG

Gentle "Jackson" is a big mellow boy, sleeps all night in his crate, uses a doggy door to go outside and take care of business, loves water play and other dogs.

Expected to be 85+ pounds.

Bella 8-12-19 2.JPG

Beautiful "Bella" has been working hard on her manners and obedience

and is ready to come home with you as a loving companion, service dog, athletic buddy and lap dog.


Scout is now "Odin"

Now in his Forever Home  
Congratulations to The Steele Family!

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